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Stable Color Differences

Stabilized flowers are also called long-lasting, unfading, naturalized, and sometimes even "canned", "zaericin" and "immortalized." Such flowers are really alive. These are exactly the same freshly cut flowers that are grown on plantations. The only difference is their further processing. BESTFLORA produces stabilized roses, and also works with the best plantations in Ecuador and other stabilized plants: hydrangeas, peony roses, carnations, greens.

Stabilized flowers are not “dried flowers” and not artificial flowers. They cannot be distinguished by touch from alive freshly cut plants. The only difference is in the aroma (it is almost not felt after the stabilization process). The natural juice is replaced by a special treatment with a solution based on glycerol after plants are cut from the plantation

Features of stabilized colors:

  1. After the stabilization process, flowers (as well as buds and floristic materials) can live 3-5 years.
  2. They do not need care, they do not need to be watered or changed, they do not need sunlight, and they are not susceptible to disease.
  3. Plants are elastic, resistant to different temperature conditions, stable in shape and color after stabilization.

Long-lasting flowers are a 100% natural, environmentally friendly and safe flower. Flowers are completely harmless to people, children and pets.

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